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Although Thandeka is great in mathematics, she almost dropped out of school - due to her bad attendance. 

She has to walk 5km to school, everyday.

Having to walk this far, help out at home and studying well for school is almost impossible.

Your donation will change this.


Ayanda is a very funny and outgoing boy. He goes to school and studies hard, but when he heard, that there might be somebody in another country, willing to give him a bicycle, he could help but daydreaming about becoming a professional cyclist one day.

Will you help him, accomplish his dream?


Nomcebo is a young student, who has to walk to school every day. Each way takes her about 45 minutes.

She is very committed to school and tries to keep her attendance high. 

With your donation, however, will make a huge impact in her daily life.


Mbali stays with her grandmother to look after her. Mbali comes from a poor family, so they can't afford any means of transport to school.

This is the reason Mbali can only occasionally attend school, even if she would like to go there more often and learn more.

Your donation will help her to change her future.


Thandi loves to dance. She goes to school, because she knows it's good for her future, but her favorite part of the day is, when she get's to dance with her friends. Her biggest dream is to become an artist or professional dancer.

For now, she still has to walk to school and to her friends, but with your donation, she would have more time to practice dancing.


Sfiso loves numbers and enjoys mathematics in school. He hopes that studying hard will one day open him a door to broader possibilities.

Sfiso's friends say, that he is also a good listener and that they can talk to him for over an hour when walking to school. Sfiso and his friends are longing for a bicycle, so they can get to school quicker. 


Mthunzi is the best performing student at his school. He has set himself a high target for his future, as he wants to develop his village and establish a brighter future for everybody. He inspires and motivates others by talking about his visions and dreams.

Help Mthunzi achieve his goals quicker, by enhancing his mobility, through the donation of a bicycle.


Bheki wishes to be a carpenter one day. 

His technical understanding and crafting skills are excellent and he likes to improve his calculation skills at school, in order to achieve his dream. 

At the moment, Bheki has to walk approximately 1 hour to school - each way.

With your donation, you will make his life a lot easier.


Phili was born at a farm and his family makes a living out of selling homegrown vegetables at the market.

Phili would like to contribute to the future of his family. He wants to learn the essential business skills he needs to grow their farming business and to enable his family a worry-free life.

Donate your own amount

Support a project





With CHF 350 you assist mentorship of a student in the young entrepreneurs development program for their start-up businesses.

They are trained on business management, computer skills, communication, bookkeeping and marketing to ensure they run their businesses successfully.




Support a child for an entire year with CHF 4'500.


You will enable the learner an apprentice vocational training in bicycle mechanics including the uniform, food and accomodation for an entire year.

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